Trenchtown Caribbean Social Club

After reading rave reviews from the likes of Joanna Blythman and being bowled over with excited chatter from friends it was about time to sample the exotic and colourful food and tings Trenchtown Caribbean Social Club had to offer. Trenchtown is a stones throw away from my flat which makes it an ideal candidate for a new local favourite.

The menu is a vibrant selection of mouth watering dishes from jerk pork belly, original Trini chicken curry and curry fish but it was their Trenchtown goat curry that caught my eye. I have always wanted to try goat curry and an authentic Caribbean restaurant with rave reviews seemed like a pretty good place to start; an aromatic blend of top secret house spices, fiery scotch bonnet chilli, citrus juice and fresh ginger make the heart warming curry that was devilishly moreish and insanely hot.

I had always imagined goat to taste like lamb, perhaps because they are part of the same bleet bleet family, but the tender meaty chunks tasted like beef and were absolutely divine. The curry is served with a side of coconut rice an’ peas, sweet onion chutney, green seasoning and Caribbean dumplings; the sweet coconut in the rice worked well with the tangy spice of the curry and the dumplings, beautifully crunchy and golden on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside, were perfect torn into pieces, soaking up the rich, tasty sauce.


To wash down this scrumptious feast we had pints of Red Stripe Draught; perfectly crisp and refreshing to combat the eye watering spice of the curry. All the flavours worked harmoniously together creating a rich and memorable dish that had me singing Trenchtown’s praises to anyone that would listen.

The guys at Trenchtown know flavour and there is a wonderful no fuss approach to their food; hearty portions of good quality ingredients, each mouthful bursting with spice and heat without taking away from the flavour of the dish. I highly recommend gathering a group, ordering a selection from their wonderful menu and i promise you will never look back.




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