Pizza Posto

Pizza Posto was soon top of my list of places to try after seeing an excited flurry of fellow foodies raving about the authentic Neapolitan pizza parlour; photos of delicious colourful pizzas teased me and I knew I had to get a slice, or ten, of the action. Pizza Posto sits opposite the festival theatre on Nicholson street and appears smaller from the outside, once inside the restaurant spans vastly through the back with an open kitchen enabling you to ogle the talented pizza chefs at work.

Their menu is so affordable and not too extensive that you are sat for an eternity trying to chose one of their delicious creations. We opted for one of their number 4’s; nduja base, Tuscan sausage, tender stem broccoli, mozzarella and olive oil.

The nduja base was rich and the sausage spicy, giving a slow burning kick of chilli with every mouthful, the broccoli melted beautifully into the gooey mozzarella which oozed flavour and the crusts made perfect for mopping up the nutty olive oil.



Our second choice was one of Pizza Posto’s specials; parma ham, fresh rocket, parmesan, mozzarella, olive oil and a big juicy ball of burrata. The burrata, although cold, fell apart as we carefully spread it over the pizza, the parma ham’s saltiness cut through the creaminess of the cheese and the rocket gave a welcome peppery kick; a king of pizzas.



A bottle of their merlot, pinot nero from Veneto, Italy complimented both pizzas happily and by the end of this unapologetically indulgent feast we were comfortably stuffed and happy. Now I am one of these foodies working myself up in a frenzy over how good, no great, Pizza Posto pizzas are.

As soon as I got home I raved to my flatmate who took her sisters the next again day and all three were very happy campers.

If you have not been then go – don’t put it off any longer because once you eat there you will be planning your next visit mid meal. Thank you Pizza Posto for helping me rediscover what good authentic pizza can taste like, until next time, Ciao.




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