Bentoya serves up some of the tastiest sushi creations i have ever had the pleasure of trying. Just off Lothian road on Bread Street it is tucked away enough that you are sure to always get a table but is well known by locals and the buzz i’ve heard from friends was enough to get me to pick up the phone.This was the next of our flat mate dinners and all three of us were champing at the bit to dine here.

We began with a selection of old favourites and new temptations; green dragon rolls, volcano rolls, takoyaki, pumpkin croquettes, chicken and vegetable gyoza and the 5 piece sashimi set.

I discovered green dragon rolls at our last flat mate dinner and haven’t looked back since; creamy avocado sat upon sweet sticky rice that encompassed savoury crispy prawn tempura topped with mayo, eel sauce and flying fish roe. My new favourite sushi go to, the crunch of the tempura gave a satisfying texture and delicious taste to this perfect bundle of taste bud joy.


Volcano rolls are similar to dragon rolls but with a fiery twist; dried shredded chilli, spring onion and a generous helping of creamy sauce. The sauce balanced out the heat of the chilli making it a rich, indulgent mouthful with the perfect amount of kick.


Everywhere we go there are certain dishes we always order, curious to see how they differ with each restaurant and, to be honest, because they taste fantastic. Takoyaki is one of these dishes and these were up there with some of the best; perfectly formed golden spheres of crunchy batter and sweet octopus served with mayo, warm and comforting, these will stay a firm favourite.


Pumpkin croquettes are another of our favourites and Bentoya know exactly how to hit the balance of the crunchy bread crumb and sesame exterior to the smooth sweet pumpkin filling, drizzled with their ‘secret’ house sauce. The secret is i have no idea what it was but it was bloody delicious.

I used to be team crispy gyoza but recently, and with great thanks to Bentoya, i have definitely jumped on the soft gyoza band wagon. Neat pockets of a scrumptious chicken and vegetable filling that soak up a sharp and spicy vinegar sauce which are perfect for sharing but once you taste them you’ll wish you weren’t sharing.


I am late to the sashimi hype, if there ever was one, and i am still on the fence; when fresh it is divine but more often or not the fish can taste overly fishy and leave an off taste in your mouth. We ordered the 5 piece set which included salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimp and surf clam. The salmon was fresh and clean, the surf clam had a strong fishy taste which is unusual, the tuna’s texture was good but the taste from the surf clam over powered the taste. The octopus tasted sweet and slightly chewy and the shrimp were similarly sweet and fleshy. I would order the salmon over and over again and possibly the tuna but i’ll happily leave the rest having tried it once.


We had a rest break but we were far from finished, curious to try more we ordered the teriyaki chicken sizzling plate with rice and spider rolls; crispy soft shell crab and avocado roll topped with sesame, mayo, flying fish roe and tempura flakes. Another great combination of sweet and savoury but not as addictive as the dragon and volcano rolls.


The sizzling plate was glorious; stir fry vegetables swam in a sweet glossy teriyaki sauce accompanied by sticky rice and lightly battered golden pieces of chicken, it was moreish, tasty and comforting.


I left feeling full, satisfied and now part of the ever growing group that rave about Bentoya. I have already made plans to go back with friends with suggestions of dishes i have yet to try but are definitely on my list. Now a cemented favourite in my mind of go to places to eat this is not the last of Bentoya but merely only the beginning of a very exciting relationship with one of Edinburgh’s best sushi restaurants.