The Kitchin

It has been a goal of mine to eat in a Michelin star restaurant and to see what all the fuss is about. My partner bought me a voucher for the set lunch for two for my birthday last year so now was the time to explore the world of fine dining.

We were presented with a variety of crispy bread sticks of different flavours including seaweed and honey and sesame, all with a creamy salmon dip; as appetisers go they were divine and perfect to nibble while we studied the wine list. We chose Little Beauty, a Pinot Gris from Marlborough, that was vibrant and fresh with floral notes.


While we gazed at everything on the menu we were brought a thick crunchy loaf of soda bread that cracked beautifully when ripped open. Warm fluffy insides greedily soaked up the creamy golden salted butter that we generously slathered on and ate in minutes.


We began with a boudin of Inverurie ox tongue served with peas and bone marrow; the broth was rich and salty without being over powering and each vegetable and meat morsel burst with flavour. This was my first time trying ox tongue and The Kitchin did not disappoint; the bone marrow happily melted into the broth with every bite. This dish was comforting and exciting.


To follow we ordered  the pork and the lamb, with a menu this inviting making decisions was difficult. The crispy Clash Farm pork belly and fillet came poised on a vibrant bed of thick asparagus sauce nestled beside Eassie Farm asparagus wrapped in crispy bacon. The fillet was succulent and pink and the belly tender with a mouth watering thick and crispy fatty layer. The asparagus held their own, the right amount of crunch and freshness complimented the richness of the meat.


The slow cooked neck of Highland lamb served on a bed of saffron risotto with lambs tongue and broad beans exuded gorgeously bold colours and earthy flavours. The lamb was melt in your mouth decadence, the risotto had a subtle floral flavour and the experience of tasting the two delighted our taste buds.


The apple crumble souffle was cooked perfectly, risen and fluffy, and served with a creamy sweet vanilla ice cream. Once pierced, the incredible fruitness of the apples broke through; rich, tart and sweet all at once.

Apple Soufflee

I opted for a dessert from the A La Carte menu as i was craving chocolate; chocolate souffle with chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate sauce certainly satisfied my craving and then some. Another divinely indulgent and fluffy dessert; the ice cream is the best i have ever had hands down and the rich sauce cut through the lightness of the souffle in perfect harmony.

Chocolate Soufflee

The Kitchin’s use of colour in their dishes is fantastic and every plate indulges your senses; first you see the beautiful composition of colours and ingredients, then you smell the robust aromas. You can hear the cracking of crispy skin or the deflating of an impeccable souffle, you can feel the food as you slice, spoon and sip and finally you taste and every bite is as delicious as the last. I can’t fault anything from our meal; the staff were knowledgeable and attentive, the atmosphere relaxed and the food exquisite.

We left on cloud nine.